Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside.

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So I noticed my tumblarity dropped. That, and I haven't even blogged about the things I've been doing this winter. So, here's the recap:


Hanukkah Dinner with Alpha Sigma 3913:

Disneyland for Shantelle's Birthday/My "FIRST" time/My Graduation:


AND then there was:

-21st birthday events up the wazoo!

-Arizonians visit SF!! (AJ, send me your pictures!)

-Holiday events

-Oh, and biking!

2009 Resolutions

So I went through my old blog to find my resolutions from last year. Let’s see how I did:

Hello 2009!

New Years Resolutions:

1. Give blood.
Everytime I’ve ever wanted to give blood in the last year, there has been something physically that has stopped me. For example, antibiotics, or not having the right amount of iron, but this year will definitely be the year I give blood.

2. Ride my bike more often.
You’d think I would never get off my bike for the exorbitant price I spent on it but actually it’s nothing like that. It’s actually been on permanent display in my dorm room for a little more than a month now. I also plan on learning cooler tricks because apparently riding with a jamba juice in your left hand didn’t make the cut in the “tricks” section.

3. Be more social.
Okay, so I understand that I’m a pretty social person, but I think it’s more of me doing the talking. I want to get to know people more this year as opposed to just taking pictures with people and not really knowing who they are.

4. Find a job.

With all the traveling back home I’ve done in the past year, it’s been pretty hard to find a job. That, and I live fairly close to ASU’s campus where practically EVERYONE is looking for a job. I think I need to stop being so picky with jobs and just find one for the time being.

5. Stop being so insecure.
I really need to be more confident in myself and in the relationships around me. I know it might seem like I’m pretty secure with everything all the time, but it’s exactly the opposite.

6. Save money.
In the last year, I feel like I spent money as if it were water. I need to stop being so frivolous with it and save money for things I really need/want as opposed to buying useless things that are usually on sale.

3 out of 3 ain’t bad!!
1. Probably the easiest and I didn’t even get to it! Ok, next year for sure!

2. Did it!

3. Done. Thanks for putting up with my social butterfliy-ness everyone. I think I’m too overtly social now.

4. Yea, about that….

5. All good now.

6. I tried.

Back By Popular Demand.

Going back to blogspot, but still using Tumblr. I'll be posting only my original stuff here, no reblogs. Just trying to keep things in order with the New Year/Decade coming in and all!

I've missed you so BLOGGER!