Thursday, June 24, 2010

Teachers Will Gladly Fail You In College...

From my online class.

I really enjoy how it says, “C is considered a good grade at the Academy.” 

High standards, much?! Well it does kind of state that too. I swear, it’s kind of impossible to get anything higher than an A- at Academy, unless you’re like a GOD or something. 

A- will do. Nothing lower than a B, please. I’d like to keep my GPA where it is, a little higher would be great too. 

Wow. I sound like a total nerd. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To Drink and Be Merry.

Two weekends ago, at the Foster City Arts and Wine Festival. Thank you kind man, munching on a sandwich, we asked to take this picture.

"Boy, does Foster City know how to throw a party!"- Ally Ibrahim

Monday, June 14, 2010

Silver Bells


So I mashed together all of my blogs, or reblogs, just for blogspot. It keeps it more diary/scrapbook-like, which is what I was going for on here. I love you Tumblr, but you're just too much sometimes. 

P.S I left Shantelle's blog ( comments on their as well. 

Seeing that Shantelle documented the weekend a little better than I did, I’ll let her take it away with my next few reblogs. 
DAY018.5: SILVER ANNIVERSARY. The celebrants.
Congratulations to my Auntie and Uncle on celebrating 25 years together!

Apparently, I have a lazy eye. 
DAY018.6: SILVER ANNIVERSARY. A picture not taken by me, because I’m obviously in it.
Taken by my dad. Meet my roomies.

(Click through for the picture.) 

DAY018.10&018.11: SILVER ANNIVERSARY. A glimpse into my childhood.
When I was a kid, these are the other kids I would play with at family parties and what have you. Except now we’re all grown up. It was great to see them all again! :) If I find the pictures of us as kids, I’ll post it. Time is flying, people.

That’s my Lola raising the roof. She pretty much put everyone else’s dance moves to shame. 
DAY018.8: SILVER ANNIVERSARY. The Reception.
My Uncle Joe and Auntie Oning <3

Told you so. No offense. (See previous). 
DAY018.9: SILVER ANNIVERSARY. The Reception.
Everybody do the twist!

- The priest stops for like 5 mins, in the middle of mass, and then starts again at a random point.
-Gin and tonic. Double.
-"I just don't think you understand..." how to do the Achy Breaky Heart, that is.
-"That's not my sister. That's my mom." Ehh, don't you hate it when that happens?