Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Note To Self #8

(Something I wrote for myself, last week, but never intended to post. I need that extra bit of inspration today.)

When you go to a school like Academy of Art University, or any school for the matter, you meet some of the most interesting people. For example, today I met a young man at Academy studying New Media. Yeah, not that interesting. He was just like every other student but then he began to tell me this amazing story about how his mom sold a family heirloom, a ring to be exact, in order to buy her son a computer and put him through art school. I told him he was super lucky to have a parent that believed in him. A parent who recognized his talent. The way most parents should be. I have that too! It was just a longer process. And of course, when your mother does something like that, YOU HAVE TO SUCCEED!

But on a serious note, it’s really people like him who make me realize how lucky I am to be at a school like this. As well as realize how incredibly lucky I am to have a family that let’s me follow what I believe in.

Best of luck to you, dude! And everyone else at Academy!

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