Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Wow, it's been awhile. Thought I shared this, but here's JUNE AND JULY's recap:



So June turned into July in practically, the blink of an eye! 

-Foster City Arts and Wine Festival, with my favorite ladies. 

-Winning tickets to Jason DeRulo on accident. 

-ELECTRIC DAISY CARNIVAL, with the greatest friends a girl could ask for. (Pictured.)
-My first flat tire, EVER. Thanks, John Oh, for knocking some sense into me! 

- Summer school

-FIFA World Cup began!

- I joined Parangal Dance Company.

-Haight Street Festival

-The highly anticipated, Toy Story 3



Again, another month that went by even faster than the last! Seriously though, this was “THE MONTH OF SUMMER!”


-July 4, 2010: Fourth of July celebration filled with fireworks, food, and fun! My Arizonian, Eric Yee visited during this time, as well.

-July 6, 2010: Poor Man’s Happy Hour, with Stefon. Complete with cups from Peets Coffee and Tea. Hipster, right? 

-July 11, 2010: Ranch party in Hollister for the birthday celebration of my 3 favorite boys, Luna, Matt and James.  Also, VAB celebrates their 3rd annual 7-11 together! 

-July 14, 2010: Alpha Sigma 3913 celebrates its first annual “Be Still My Heart, Bastille Day Celebration.” Complete with EVERYTHING French! 

Bastile Day 2010 from Shantelle C. on Vimeo.

-July 17, 2010: Temple with my favorites, for Luna, of course. 

-July 25, 2010: San Jose for Kate’s birthday! 

-July 26th, 2010: Zhenya FINALLY turns 21 and we celebrate in San Francisco!

-July 29th, 2010 and into August: The best Southern California trip, I’VE EVER BEEN ON. A rave wasn’t even involved! Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival, Marc Jacobs-ville, Larchmont Blvd, California Adventure, Tom’s Bench, my Arizonians! A super treat! 

AND THEN… within all that, there was summer school and ballet! 

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