Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dear 2009

Dear 2009,

I wish I had the time to tell you this before you left, but you were ONE AMAZING YEAR. I must say though, that you were the most challenging year I have EVER been through in my 20 years, but for that, I’m truly thankful. You were a growing year. The year I found out the most about my self, and what I really wanted in life.

Let me give you a little rundown of our year:

January: I welcomed 2009 at Together As One in LA. Boy, was it spectacular! Once again, most of my friends were here, celebrating, TOGETHER AS ONE! This month went by great. I went back to Arizona, with a renewed sense of myself. This was also the month I fell in love with Arizona and it’s people. I became more accustomed to going to ASU, working at The Blaze 1260AM, and my entire Arizona lifestyle.

February: This month started off with a bang! It felt like Christmas all over again when the Cardinals received the chance to play in the Superbowl. I spent that day picnicking and watching the Superbowl. Twas’ lovely. I would consider February truly my month of sports! I went to my first basketball game this month as well. Mr. AJ Maun invited me to the Rookie Challenge and dealt with all my annoying questions that night (and then let the vultures attack). February had it’s ups and downs in my personal life as well, but it somehow faired out well later on.

March: I turned 20 and held a party at AJ and Chris’ home. Possibly the greatest 20th birthday a girl could ask for! Jolo visited this month as well. Times were good again! This was the month I regularly started going to the church near my dorm. At first, I thought it was because of the Peter Petrelli boy I met there, but it was something more than that. Later in the month, I went home where I celebrated Carlos’ birthday by purchasing the best party favor EVER, Hannah Montana!

April: Spring Break came around and I was home. We celebrated birthdays upon birthdays! For the first time in my life, I didn’t want to be anywhere but home for my Spring Break. This was also the month I made the decision to leave ASU. I left for alot of reasons but that’s a story I’ll save for another time. This was also the month of my most favorite shot i’ve EVER bought for anyone’s 21st birthday, THE CEMENT MIXER. Chris, thanks for being a good sport! I also celebrated my first (and only) Nike Campout this month. Even though I didn’t I never got those shoes for Andre, I still met Adrian Wilson. AND finally, who could forget the epic Vegas trip with “my men.” I had no idea they would show up at my dorm, kidnap me, and take me to Vegas for Vanessa’s birthday! Bunz, Carlos, and Ray seriously made my month!

May: Took my finals, did my last radio show, and participated in the end of the year Undie Run. Then packed up, and left, not really letting anyone know I wasn’t going to be returning to ASU.

June: Went back to Arizona to get some of the larger things I had left behind! Driving, more like sitting in the passenger seat for 6 hours was terrible, but Jolo and I got through it. Arizona was great! There was river rafting, Camelback climbing and of course, Brian cooking chicken. After Arizona came ETD POP. Good party! And then there was the Giants game I attended for Industry Night. AND who could forget EDC in LA! Oh, and Guy Fieri and Bobby Flay at the Great American Food Festival with some of my favorites! June was a good month!

July: Packed my Crocs, some clothes and an airbed and set off for CAMPING!! After camping, celebrated, yet another 7/11 with Sovantha and Ally!! AND then LA, once again!

August: Went to LA (again) for HARDfest. Total fail, but still a great adventure. AND then there was Universal Studios on that trip. Total SUCCESS! Later in the month, we lost DJ AM. What a total surprise to everone! Even though I never knew him, I still consider him one of the best people of my generation.

September: I started school at Academy of Art! The minute I stepped into the doors of 79 New Montgomery, I knew I was in love! AAU started off challenging, continued to be challenging, and will always be challenging, but I will always love it! I also attended my FIRST SJ bike Party this month and took part in SF’s Hunger Challenge!! Fun, fun, fun!

October: This was the most TESTiNG month of my challenging year. Certain situations forced me to realize what it really means to have friends. This month also made me consider what it means to have character and respect. After all the hard stuff, I set off for Friendship Games in SoCal and then Arizona for Halloween. Thank you everyone for showing me a great time when I needed it the most! Oh, and this was also the month they played my intro on KFOG!!

November: I like to consider this month as the month I started a journey. I’m not sure where or what I’m looking for but I’m definitely on a journey for something. I realized I had to cut my losses, in order to have more wins. Thanksgiving was lovely. It was spent with my grandparents. This was also the month I discovered the MEANING OF AUTO-TUNE. haha

December: The journey continued. I went to Disneyland with Shantelle, became obsessed with Valentino, celebrated Chrissmakkuh and finished my FIRST semester with Academy of Art. Life became good again!

Now, it’s 2010. It’s started off quite interesting, in both a good and bad way. Hopefully this year is filled with as much excitement 2009 brought me!

Thank you 2009! I’ll miss you so!



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