Thursday, January 7, 2010

Two Thousand And Ten.

Two Thousand And Ten

Resolutions for the New Year, 2010:

1. Give blood.

Ok, so this year, it’s a must! Then, I can get my tattoo and all will be good.

2. Give back to the community.

So I had this idea of giving back to the community and doing more local things. I’ve already started on that by helping out in local events. This year, I hope to shop more locally. For example, farmer’s markets and using more local, family owned businesses as opposed to big chain retailers.

3. Finish my blog, “Keys to Life. What’s On My Keychain.”

Started on November 5th. Hopefully it’ll be done by my birthday. It’s going to EPIC.

4. Learn to drive a manual car.

Seriously, this is REALLY what I want for my 21st birthday! I’ll take all the alcohol, but when I’m sober, someone please teach me!!

5. Have a regular gym schedule

This year, it can’t be, ” I’ll go to the gym when/if I have time today.” It MUST be, ” I have to be at the gym every other day.” or something like that.

6. Go to almost every class.

Seriously. EVEN if it’s one of those optional classes.

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